The 2000 Women’s World Cup, famous as our only world title (to date), also has another, slightly smaller, role to play in our cricketing history: it introduced numbers to the back of WHITE FERNS’ shirts.

Following our list of BLACKCAPS’ ODI shirt numbers, we present a list of all the WHITE FERNS shirt numbers we’ve been able to identify.


01Katrina Keenan
1Rebecca Rolls
2Rebecca Steele
3Claire Nicholson
3Nicola Browne
4Debbie Hockley
4Rachel Pullar
5Helen Watson
6Lea Tahuhu
6Debbie Hockley
7Aimee Watkins
7Catherine Campbell
8Haidee Tiffen
8Jess Watkin
9Rachel Candy
9Anna O'Leary
9Natalee Scripps
10Anna Corbin
11Emily Drumm
12Sarah Burke
12Bernadine Bezuidenhout
13Rachel Priest
13Amanda Green
14Nicola Browne
14Nicola Payne
15Katey Martin
15Paula Flannery
16Frances King
17Amy Satterthwaite
18Lou Milliken
18Lauren Down
19Erin Bermingham
22Sam Curtis
23Suzie Bates
24Maria Fahey
25Maia Lewis
26Michelle Lynch
27Kate Pulford
28Sara McGlashan
29Emily Travers
30Lucy Doolan
31Abby Burrows
33Nat Dodd
34Kelly Anderson
35Kathryn Ramel
36Victoria Lind
37Ingrid Cronin-Knight
37Kathryn Ramel
38Janet Brehaut
42Sian Ruck
43Georgia Guy
44Ros Kember
44Natalee Scripps*
46Holly Huddleston
48Amelia Kerr
49Felicity Leydon-Davis
50Kate Broadmore
51Maddy Green
52Anna Peterson
54Morna Nielsen
55Helen Watson
62Leigh Kasperek
65Sarah Tsukigawa
70Katie Perkins
71Frances Mackay
74Hannah Rowe
77Sophie Devine
96Liz Perry
99Thamsyn Newton



  1. The players listed here have all been sighted in photographs or film footage wearing the numbers identified or they have contacted us directly about their shirt number;
  2. Some players feature on the list twice as we have them recorded wearing different numbers, if we know their preferred number it is marked with an *.

If you know the number for someone we’ve missed, or think we’ve got one wrong, please contact us.