It is that time of year again: with the end of the international season and the last games of Plunket Shield being played its time for the annual New Zealand Cricket Awards.

The awards have a long history, with the Redpath Cup for batting first awarded in 1920 and the Winsor Cup for bowling added in 1938. Through the years, more awards have been added and some retired. Here’s a look at the past winners of the major awards.

Sir Richard Hadlee Medal

New Zealand Cricket Awards
Sir Richard Hadlee presents The Sir Richard Hadlee Medal to Chris Martin at the New Zealand Cricket Awards 2011. Photo: Andrew Cornaga /

In the 2010-11 season the awards were given a major revamp. This saw the introduction of new awards recognising individuals in each international format of the game, with the Sir Richard Hadlee Medal becoming the supreme award for the best cricketer of the year.

The medal was designed by Richard Adams in consultation with Hadlee. Carved from pounamu, the medal combines the fern along with the Hadlee name.


2017-18Trent Boult
2016-17Kane Williamson
2015-16Kane Williamson
2014-15Brendon McCullum
2013-14Ross Taylor
2012-13Ross Taylor
2011-12Martin Guptill
2010-11Chris Martin

Bert Sutcliffe Medal 

Bert Sutcliffe, tour of Pakistan and India 1955-56. New Zealand Cricket Museum, Harry Cave Collection.

The Bert Sutcliffe Medal was first introduced in the 1997-98 season. The award recognises outstanding services to the game of cricket in any capacity.

Bert Sutcliffe was described by many as the best left-handed batsman in the world. It wasn’t just his batting that caught peoples’ admiration but also the manner in which he played the game.

In the award’s inaugural year it was jointly won by Mike Curtis and Bruce Morrison for their untiring work on the age-group selection panel. 

Season Name
2017-18Pat Malcon
2016-17Neil Sulzberger
2015-16Rex Smith
2014-15Ross Dykes
2013-14Alec Astle
2012-13No Award
2011-12Cran Bull
2010-11Cecil Renwick
2009-10Martin Horton
2008-09Alan Whimp
2007-08Sir Richard Hadlee
2006-07Mike Shrimpton
2005-06Peter Sharp
2004-05Merv Wallace
2003-04Grahame Dowling
2002-03Frank Cameron
2001-02JR Reid
2000-01Walter Hadlee
1999-00Iain Gallaway
1998-99Don Neely
1997-98Bruce Morrison
William Curtis

The Redpath and Winsor Cups

The two longest running awards in New Zealand Cricket, both the Redpath and Winsor Cups are named for men instrumental in the development of the game in New Zealand.

The Redpath Cup is awarded to the best batsman in First-Class cricket, which includes Test performances. The Cup was donated in 1920 by David Redpath, President of the Canterbury Cricket Association, and was first awarded in the 1920-21 season.  

The Winsor Cup for best bowler would not appear on the scene until the 1938-39 season when it was presented by TH Donnelly in Christchurch. It was named in honour of William Hinnels Winsor, known as Billy, who had served on the New Zealand Cricket Council for almost 20 years until his death in 1936.  Both the Redpath Cup and Winsor Cup were not awarded during the years of 1940-45 because of World War Two.  

Redpath Cup (Men's Batting)

SeasonName Team
2017-18Ross TaylorCentral Districts
2016-17Kane WilliamsonNorthern Districts
2015-16Kane WilliamsonNorthern Districts
2014-15Kane WilliamsonNorthern Districts
2013-14Ross TaylorCentral Districts
2012-13Peter FultonCanterbury
2011-12Martin GuptillAuckland
2010-11Peter IngramCentral Districts
2009-10Ross TaylorCentral Districts
2008-09Jesse RyderWellington
2007-08Ross TaylorCentral Districts
2006-07Michael PappsCanterbury
2005-06Mat SinclairCentral Districts
2004-05Hamish MarshallNorthern Districts
2003-04Scott StyrisNorthern Districts
2002-03Mark RichardsonAuckland
2001-02Nathan AstleCanterbury
2000-01Mark RichardsonOtago
1999-00ChrisCairnsNew Zealand
1998-99Matt HorneOtago
1997-98Matt HorneOtago
1996-97Stephen FlemingCanterbury
1995-96Roger TwoseNew Zealand
1994-95Adam ParoreNew Zealand
1993-94Andrew JonesWellington
1992-93Ken RutherfordOtago
1991-92John WrightAuckland
1990-91Martin CroweWellington
1989-90John WrightAuckland
1988-89Andrew JonesWellington
1987-88Martin CroweCentral Districts
1986-87Martin CroweCentral Districts
1985-86Martin CroweCentral Districts
1984-85Jeremy ConeyWellington
1983-84Jeremy ConeyWellington
1982-83Bruce EdgarWellington
1981-82Bruce EdgarWellington
1980-81John F ReidAuckland
1979-80Geoff HowarthNorthern Districts
1978-79Geoff HowarthNorthern Districts
1977-78Geoff HowarthNorthern Districts
1976-77Mark BurgessAuckland
1975-76Glenn TurnerOtago
1974-75Glenn TurnerOtago
1973-74Glenn TurnerOtago
1972-73Bevan CongdonOtago
1971-72Glenn TurnerOtago
1970-71Graham DowlingCanterbury
1969-70Bruce MurrayWellington
1968-69Brian HastingsCanterbury
1967-68Graham DowlingCanterbury
1966-67Graham DowlingCanterbury
1965-66Barry SinclairWellington
1964-65Victor PollardCentral Districts
1963-64Barry SinclairWellington
1962-63John R ReidWellington
1961-62John R ReidWellington
1960-61Zin HarrisCanterbury
1959-60John R ReidWellington
1958/59Bruce Hamilton PairaudeauNorthern Districts
1957/58Lawrence Somerville Martin MillerWellington
1956/57Lawrence Somerville Martin MillerWellington
1955/56John Richard ReidNew Zealand
1954/55John Richard ReidWellington
1953/54Bert SutcliffeOtago
1952/53Lawrence Somerville Martin MillerCentral Districts
1951/52Verdun John ScottAuckland
1950/51Bert SutcliffeOtago
1949/50Bert SutcliffeOtago
1948/49Bert SutcliffeAuckland
1947/48Bert SutcliffeOtago
1946/47Bert SutcliffeAuckland & Otago
1945/46Walter Arnold HadleeOtago
1940-45No Award
1939/40Martin Paterson DonnellyCanterbury
1938/39Walter Mervyn WallaceAuckland
1937/38Kenneth Frank McNeill UttleyOtago
1936/37Paul Erskine WhitelawAuckland
1935/36John Lambert KerrCanterbury
1934/35Paul Erskine WhitelawAuckland
1933/34Henry Gifford VivianAuckland
1932/33Charles Stuart Dempster Wellington
1931/32Albert William RobertsCanterbury
1930/31Charles Stuart Dempster Wellington
1929/30Charles Stuart Dempster Wellington
1928/29Gordon Lindsay WeirAuckland
1927/28Charles Stuart Dempster Wellington
1926/27Roger Charles BluntOtago
1925/26Cyril Francis Walter AllcottAuckland
1924/25Rupert Vivian de Renzy WorkerOtago
1923/24John Sydney HiddlestonWellington
1922/23Roger Charles BluntCanterbury
1921/22John Sydney HiddlestonWellington
1920/21Arnold AnthonyAuckland

Winsor Cup (Men's Bowling)

2017-18Neil WagnerOtago
2016-17Neil WagnerOtago
2015-16Trent BoultNorthern Districts
2014-15Trent BoultNorthern Districts
2013-14Timothy SoutheeNorthern Districts
2012-13Timothy SoutheeNorthern Districts
2011-12Doug BracewellCentral Districts
2010-11Christopher MartinAuckland
2009-10Daniel VettoriNew Zealand
2008-09Daniel VettoriNorthern Districts
2007-08Chris MartinAuckland
2006-07Chris MartinAuckland
2005-06Chris MartinAuckland
2004-05Daniel VettoriNorthern Districts
2003-04Chris MartinCanterbury
2002-03Shane BondCanterbury
2001-02Chris DrumAuckland
2000-01Daryl TuffeyNorthern Districts
1999-00Chris CairnsNew Zealand
1998-99Andrew PennCentral Districts
1997-98Chris CairnsNew Zealand
1996-97Simon DoullNew Zealand
1995-96Chris CairnsNew Zealand
1994-95Danny MorrisonAuckland
1993-94Danny MorrisonAuckland
1992-93Danny MorrisonAuckland
1991-92Chris CairnsCanterbury
1990-91Willie WatsonNew Zealand
1989-90Sir Richard HadleeNew Zealand
1988-89Sir Richard HadleeCanterbury
1987-88Ewen ChatfieldWellington
1986-87Sir Richard HadleeCanterbury
1985-86Sir Richard HadleeCanterbury
1984-85Sir Richard HadleeCanterbury
1983-84Sir Richard HadleeCanterbury
1982-83Sir Richard HadleeCanterbury
1981-82Sir Richard HadleeCanterbury
1980-81Sir Richard HadleeNew Zealand
1979-80Sir Richard HadleeNew Zealand
1978-79Sir Richard HadleeCanterbury
1977-78Sir Richard HadleeCanterbury
1976-77Sir Richard HadleeCanterbury
1975-76Richard CollingeNorthern Districts
1974-75Gren AlabasterOtago
1973-74Dayle HadleeCanterbury
1972-73Richard CollingeWellington
1971-72Bruce TaylorWellington
1970-71Richard CollingeWellington
1969-70Hedley HowarthAuckland
1968-69Dick MotzCanterbury
1967-68Dick MotzCanterbury
1966-67Victor PollardCentral Districts
1965-66Narotam PunaNorthern Districts
1964-65Dick MotzCanterbury
1963-64Bob BlairWellington
1962-63Bob BlairWellington
1961-62Bob BlairWellington
1960-61Jack AlabasterOtago
1959-60Jack AlabasterOtago
1958-59Ken HoughAuckland
1957-58John HayesAuckland
1956-57Harry CaveCentral Districts
1955-56Harry CaveCentral Districts
1954-55JR ReidWellington
1953-54Tony MacGibbonCanterbury
1952-53Geoff RaboneAuckland
1951-52Tom BurttCanterbury
1950-51Tom BurttCanterbury
1949-50Fen CresswellWellington
1948-49Arthur CresswellWellington
1947-48Tom BurttCanterbury
1946-47Jack CowieAuckland
1945-46Jack CowieAuckland
1940-45No Award
1939-40Tom PritchardWellington
1938-39Jack CowieAuckland

Ruth Martin and Phyl Blackler Cups

The Ruth Martin Cup and Phyl Blackler Cup are awarded to the best batsman and bowler in women’s cricket. The award for the best women’s batsman and bowler weren’t always known as the Ruth Martin and Phyl Blacker Cup, being introduced as various sponsored awards until the 1997-98 season when they became named for the former WHITE FERNS. The two awards were given out every season until 2010 before being reintroduced for the 2016-17 event where they were awarded based on performances in domestic cricket.

Ruth Martin was the WHITE FERNS’ first captain when they played a one-off Test against England in 1935 season. Phyl Blacker was an impressive bowler who played 12 Tests for New Zealand taking 18 wickets at an average of 29.27, with best match figures of 5-66.  

Ruth Martin Cup (Women’s Batting)

Season Name
2017-18Maddy Green
2016-17Katey Martin
2010-2016No Award
2009-10Suzie Bates
2008-09Haidee Tiffen
2007-08Nicola Browne
2006-07Maria Fahey
2005-06Emily Drumm
2004-05Haidee Tiffen
2003-04Haidee Tiffen
2002-03Maia Lewis
2001-02Emily Drumm
2000-01Emily Drumm
1999-00Debbie Hockley
1998-99Debbie Hockley
1997-98Debbie Hockley
1996-97***Debbie Hockley
1995-96***Debbie Hockley
1994-95**Krsity Flavell
1993-94*Emily Drumm
1992-93*Debbie Hockley
*ECNZ award, ** No sponsor, ***CLEAR

Phyl Blackler Cup (Women’s Bowling)

Season Name
2017-18Holly Huddleston
2016-17Leigh Kasperek
2010-2016No Award
2009-10Nicola Browne
2008-09Kate Pulford
2007-08Helen Watson
2006-07Helen Watson
2005-06Louise Milliken
2004-05Rebecca Steele
2003-04Rebecca Steele
2002-03Rebecca Steele
2001-02Rachel Pullar
2000-01Katrina Keenan
1999-00Catherine Campbell
1998-99Katrina Withers
1997-98Clare Nicholson
1996-97***Katrina Withers
1995-96***Katrina Withers
1994-95**Julie Harris
1993-94*Julie Harris
1992-93*Catherine Campbell
*ECNZ award, ** No sponsor, ***CLEAR

International Awards

As well as the introduction of the Sir Richard Hadlee Medal in 2010-11, it was also the same year that individual awards were added for the three formats of the game. Best Male T20 Player of the Year, Best Male ODI Player of the Year, and Best Male Test Player of the Year. Kane Williamson was the first to win all three awards in the same year in 2015.

T20 Player of the Year

2017-18Colin Munro
2016-17Kane Williamson
2015-16Martin Guptill
2014-15Kane Williamson
2013-14Mitchell McClenaghan
2012-13Brendon McCullum
2011-12Martin Guptill
2010-11Tim Southee

ODI Player of the Year

2017-18Ross Taylor
2016-17Martin Guptill
2015-16Martin Guptill
2014-15Kane Williamson
2013-14Ross Taylor
2012-13Brendon McCullum
2011-12Martin Guptill
2010-11Ross Taylor

Test Player of the Year

2017-18Trent Boult
2016-17Neil Wagner
2015-16Kane Williamson
2014-15Kane Williamson
2013-14Ross Taylor
2012-13Ross Taylor
2011-12Doug Bracewell
2010-11Brendon McCullum

The awards for the 2016-17 season reintroduced the Ruth Martin and Phyl Blackler Cups and brought the other women’s awards in line with the men’s by presenting trophies for the best player in each international format.

T20 Player of the Year

2017-18Sophie Devine
2016-17Suzie Bates

ODI Player of the Year

2017-18Sophie Devine
2016-17Amy Satterthwaite

Women’s Player of the Year Awards

The Women’s Player of the Year has had various different sponsor names over the years, although until 2010-11 the award only recognised one player, regardless of international or domestic performances. In 2010-11, the award was split in two: one for the best domestic player and one for the best international player. These awards were replaced with trophies for each international format in the 2016-17 season, halting Suzie Bates’ four year winning streak as Women’s International Player of the Year. 

Women's Player of the Year

Season Name
2009-10Nicola Browne
2008-09Sophie Devine
2007-08Sara McGlashan
2006-07Sophie Devine
2005-06Aimee Mason
2004-05Nicola Browne
2003-04Aimee Mason
2002-03Aimee Mason
2001-02Anna Corbin
2000-01Rachel Puller
1999-00Debbie Hockley
1998-99Clare Nicholson
1997-98Debbie Hockley
1996-97Debbie Hockley
1995-96No Award
1994-95Emily Drumm
1993-94Julie Harris
1992-93Sarah Illingworth

Women's Domestic Player of the Year

2015-16Amy Satterthwaite
2014-15Amy Satterthwaite
2013-14Suzie Bates
2012-13Suzie Bates
2011-12Frances McKay
2010-11Sophie Devine

Women's International Player of the Year

2015-16Suzie Bates
2014-15Suzie Bates
2013-14Suzie Bates
2012-13Suzie Bates
2011-12Amy Satterthwaite
2010-11Sara McGlashan

Walter Hadlee Trophies

The Walter Hadlee Trophy for Best ODI Batting and Best ODI Bowling were donated by Walter Hadlee himself in the 1988-89 season, the first winners being Andrew Jones (batting) and Martin Snedden (bowling). The trophies would be presented for the next 21 seasons until the award was retired in 2010 with the introduction of the Sir Richard Hadlee Medal.

Martin Crowe won the batting trophy four years in a row but shares the record for most wins with Nathan Astle (4). Shane Bond won the bowling trophy the most; also four times. Interestingly Chris Harris is the only player to win both trophies in the same season 1997-98.

New Zealand Cricket Awards
Walter Hadlee presenting one of two trophies for ODI’s to New Zealand Cricket Board Chairman, Barry Paterson.

Walter Hadlee Trophy (ODI Batting)

Season Name
2009-10Brendon McCullum
2008-09Martin Guptill
2007-08Brendon McCullum
2006-07Scott Styris
2005-06Nathan Astle
2004-05Hamish Marshall
2003-04Stephen Fleming
2002-03Stephen Fleming
2001-02Nathan Astle
2000-01Roger Twose
1999-00Nathan Astle
1998-99Nathan Astle
1997-98Chris Harris
1996-97Stephen Fleming
1995-96Nathan Astle
1994-95Adam Parore
1993-94Shane Thomson
1992-93Martin Crowe
1991-92Martin Crowe
1990-91Martin Crowe
1989-90Martin Crowe
1988-89Andrew Jones

Walter Hadlee Trophy (ODI Bowling)

2009-10Daniel Vettori
2008-09Kyle Mills
2007-08Kyle Mills
2006-07Shane Bond
2005-06Shane Bond
2004-05Daniel Vettori
2003-04Daryl Tuffey
2002-03Shane Bond
2001-02Shane Bond
2000-01Daryl Tuffey
1999-00Geoff Allott
1998-99Geoff Allott
1997-98Chris Harris
1996-97Chris Harris
1995-96Gavin Larsen
1994-95Chris Pringle
1993-94Chris Pringle
1992-93Gavin Larsen
1991-92Dipak Patel
1990-91Chris Pringle
1989-90Martin Snedden
1988-89Martin Snedden