Crowe 2The New Zealand Cricket Museum join the cricket community in expressing our sadness at the passing of Martin Crowe.

While we remember a player, commentator, and mentor within the game of cricket, we wish to extend our sincere condolences to those who knew Martin as a husband, brother, father, and friend.

Martin’s legacy in the game of cricket is extensive and will endure in New Zealand long after the last of his extensive records has been surpassed. As a player and captain he thrilled us with his skills, his innovation, and his leadership. These traits would serve him well after his playing days as he employed them in his work as a commentator and mentor.

It’s in these roles where he has undoubtedly had the largest influence on the game in recent years. His voice and insight in regular columns, highlighting the state of cricket today and giving recognition to the role that the past plays in shaping the future, were a breath of fresh air to the game at a time where controversy and upheaval has become common. Likewise, his guidance and development work with young players has seen talented cricketers achieve incredible things.

“We should smile when stumps are drawn and be grateful for the day’s cricket.”

In our role preserving and celebrating the history of the game we love, Martin Crowe will always have a place and will always be remembered. For now, it’s his own words we use to say goodbye,



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