Excerpt from Daniel Reese’s letter to Clarrie Grimmett, 1927


Anyone who has done historical research will appreciate just how hard it is to wrap up your story. Here at the New Zealand Cricket Museum, the story of the spin duo of Don Sandman & Clarrie Grimmett is shaping up as one that could just keep going on.

This letter from Daniel Reese, written to Clarrie Grimmett in 1927, reinforces Sandman’s place in history as the player who denied Grimmett a spot in the 1913-14 New Zealand side. It also exemplifies how apologetic the New Zealand public became once Clarrie made it blatantly obvious that he was an incredible cricketing talent. Alongside this letter in the New Zealand Cricket Museum collection are many others – from cricket fans, cricketers and the general public – congratulating Clarrie on his exceptional Test cricket performances and letting him know that New Zealand is cheering him on, in spite of the baggy green cap he played under.