Buy the acclaimed documentary, Death of a Gentleman, on DVD and join the conversation to Change Cricket.

In March, the New Zealand Cricket Museum, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, and Antidote Films brought the award-winning documentary, Death of a Gentleman, to Wellington. If you  missed out on seeing it at the theatre, you can purchase a copy on DVD via Trade Me (click here).


What if the sport that created your heroes and the back-story to your life, was in danger of disappearing?

Test cricket is a game that has no right to exist in the 21st century. The five day game is the purest form of the second most popular sport on earth, representative of tradition, history and identity. Yet as the short attention spans of a new generation dictate immediacy, the Test game is in danger of being swamped by its shorter, sexier, more financially viable cousin ‘Twenty20’.

Money corrupts the best of intentions, and as cricket’s administrators rub their hands with glee, the Gentleman’s game is now a product left at the back of the shelf.

Two cricket fans who became journalists, Old Etonian Sam Collins and larrikin Aussie Jarrod Kimber, from opposite ends of the social and geographic scale but united by their love of Test cricket, join forces to try to help save it.