On August 7 2016, BLACKCAPS’ captain Kane Williamson scored his 14th Test century, his first against Zimbabwe. This century, perhaps, has more significance than the others as it sees him achieve a milestone that has proven impossible for most; a century against all Test nations.

In the context of history, the speed with which he has scored these centuries is phenomenal, even by his own high standards.


In 1992, Zimbabwe joined Test cricket making it a 10-country club. Since then, only 13 batsmen have achieved the feat of hitting centuries against all Test nations. From Gary Kirsten in 2002 to Younis Khan in 2014, no player has been able to do it in under 100 innings or while still under the age of thirty. Now, in his 50th Test, 91st innings, and a day short of his 26th birthday, Kane Williamson has once again entered his name into history.

Check out the stats on the 13 men with centuries against all Test nations below.

KS WilliamsonNew Zealand509125y, 11m, 30d
KC SangakkaraSri Lanka6911530y, 1m, 7d
AC GilchristAustralia8412334y, 4m, 28d
MS AtapattuSri Lanka8013934y, 4m, 15d
RS DravidIndia8614731y, 11m, 6d
G KirstenSouth Africa8415034y, 10m, 25d
Younis KhanPakistan9216436y, 10m, 23d
DPMD JayawardeneSri Lanka10116631y, 8m, 25d
RT PontingAustralia10417531y, 3m, 25d
SRT TendulkarIndia11919331y, 7m, 18d
BC LaraWest Indies11620436y, 0m, 24d
SR WaughAustralia16125138y, 1m, 17d
JH KallisSouth Africa15025536y, 2m, 18d



  1. I appreciate this and let me use this time to congratulate Mr. Williamson for this remarkable achievement.
    Wishing you even more successes..


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