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The Best There Never Was

Every cricket fan has a favourite player, that one star of the game who’s personality or performances resonate with you. But for every star, for every favourite, there are hundreds of forgotten players.

In The Best There Never Was we explore the stories of the players you’ve never heard of, the players that time has forgotten. Many burned brightly for a short time, others were taken too soon, but they all have a story to tell.

Harry Graham

Review: Harry Graham, The Little Dasher

  In his poem, Gerontion, TS Eliot writes “History has many cunning passages” and the truth of that can be seen if we apply it...

The Youngest Cap: Doug Freeman

About six kilometres from Sydney’s CBD lies the suburban setting of Randwick, a residential area known for more-or-less one thing: the races. But it’s more...
Blanche Te Rangi

Plenty of Devil; the Blanche Te Rangi story

It’s a striking image: two young women stand with bats and caps in hand, the bank at Whanganui’s Cook’s Gardens rising behind them in...

The Mystery & Misery of Frank Betts

Will Pateman kicked through the river gravel, the stones scattering and rebounding over the path that passed under the bridge. The heavy whitebait net...
George Watson

George Watson: from triumph to tragedy

The opening round of the 2017-18 Plunket Shield season saw the two Districts, Central and Northern, pitted against each other at Mount Maunganui on...
oldest first class cricketer

Syd Ward: Triple Threat

In 2017, there are 128 teams entered in the opening round of Football’s Chatham Cup. Undoubtedly the premier club sporting competition in New Zealand,...