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The Best There Never Was

Every cricket fan has a favourite player, that one star of the game who’s personality or performances resonate with you. But for every star, for every favourite, there are hundreds of forgotten players.

In The Best There Never Was we explore the stories of the players you’ve never heard of, the players that time has forgotten. Many burned brightly for a short time, others were taken too soon, but they all have a story to tell.

The World’s Greatest Cricketer: Sid Smith

Sydney Gordon Smith is one of the more remarkable cricketers to have ever represented New Zealand. Born in Trinidad, Syd played First Class cricket...

First In County: Peter Randall Johnson

In 1841, the Legislative Council of New Zealand was established as the upper house of the New Zealand Parliament. Originally consisting of just three...
Harry Graham

Review: Harry Graham, The Little Dasher

  In his poem, Gerontion, TS Eliot writes “History has many cunning passages” and the truth of that can be seen if we apply it...
IL Bula

From Lau to Lancaster: the Story of Ilikena

When Fiji toured New Zealand in the 1977-78 season, it ended an association that stretched back to 1895 when a Fijian cricket side first...
Blanche Te Rangi

Plenty of Devil; the Blanche Te Rangi story

It’s a striking image: two young women stand with bats and caps in hand, the bank at Whanganui’s Cook’s Gardens rising behind them in...
wiri baker

Wiri Baker: The Cricketer

Wiri Baker was born on April 2nd 1892 in the small town of Otaki on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington. Otaki is an important site...