Taking On The World

In 2017, the WHITE FERNS and BLACKCAPS will be taking on the world once again in the Women’s Cricket World Cup and Champions Trophy respectively.

In the weeks leading in to both these tournaments, we’ll be presenting the story of the contests through the years, highlighting the involvement and fortunes of our national teams.

Check back every week as we add another chapter to the history.

1982 Women's Cricket World Cup

The 1982 Women’s Cricket World Cup

  The 1982 Women's Cricket World Cup saw the tournament head to New Zealand first time. Although the International Women's Cricket Council took a more...

2002 ICC Champions Trophy

2002 saw the third edition of the ICC Champions Trophy – the first to be played under that name.  The tournament structure had changed...
2000 ICC Champions Trophy

2000 ICC Champions Trophy

  The second ICC Champion’s Trophy, this time under the title of the ICC Knockout Trophy, was played in Kenya. After the massive success of...
1978 Women's Cricket World Cup

The 1978 Women’s Cricket World Cup

  The success of the 1973 Women's Cricket World Cup helped prove the concept was viable, driving the creation of a men's tournament in 1975....

1998 ICC Champions Trophy

  The ICC Champions Trophy has been competed for since 1998, although it hasn’t always gone by that name. In its inaugural 1998 tournament it...
1973 Women's Cricket World Cup

The 1973 Women’s Cricket World Cup

It was women after all, who staged the first ever Cricket World Cup - an idea born out of a few after-dinner brandies on...