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1993 Womens Cricket World Cup

The 1993 Women’s Cricket World Cup

After a five-year gap, the Women’s Cricket World Cup was again contested in 1993, returning to England where the tournament began 20 years earlier. As had regularly been the case since 1973, the 1993...
1988 Women's Cricket World Cup

The 1988 Women’s Cricket World Cup

Australia won the 1978 and 1982 Women’s Cricket World Cups and had every right to be confident about completing their hat-trick as the tournament moved to their home grounds for the first time...
1978 Women's Cricket World Cup

The 1978 Women’s Cricket World Cup

  The success of the 1973 Women's Cricket World Cup helped prove the concept was viable, driving the creation of a men's tournament in 1975. When it came time to organise another Women's World...
1973 Women's Cricket World Cup

The 1973 Women’s Cricket World Cup

It was women after all, who staged the first ever Cricket World Cup - an idea born out of a few after-dinner brandies on a night in 1971.  - Rachael Heyhoe Flint In sporting circles,...
oldest first class cricketer

Syd Ward – Triple Threat

In 2017, there are 128 teams entered in the opening round of Football’s Chatham Cup. Undoubtedly the premier club sporting competition in New Zealand, the passion and enthusiasm for the Chatham Cup today...
Ruth Martin

Ruth Martin – The Backyard Leader

“ took a catch out of the sun and it hit her in the eye and she had to go off. I remember them putting this great big raw steak over her eye.”   In...