From 1992 through to 1998, New Zealand’s premier women’s side was determined through the Pub Charities tournament. Across these competitions, the contested format varied from two innings to one day games, sometimes being a mixture of both.

Although the winners have been recorded, and a brief analysis of each tournament featured in that year’s almanack, the statistics from these competitions haven’t previously been collated and registered against a player’s career record.


In recent seasons a number of players have passed a century of appearances in New Zealand’s domestic women’s one day competition. As each new player has reached the milestone, we’ve been asked how many had already achieved the feat. Until now, the answer we gave was invariably wrong due to the data missing from these tournaments.

From analysing the available statistics and adding them to those that have been recorded against a player’s name, we have come up with the list below in an attempt to set the record straight.


KJ Martin155
SJ McGlashan146
AE Satterthwaite139
NJ Browne133
RH Priest127
EC Perry126
SJ Tskuigawa123
HM Watson */**119
EC Drumm **119
VJ Lind118
PA Gruber */**115
RJ Rolls **114
SW Bates113
HR Huddleston116
AK Burrows113
RH Candy112
HM Tiffen108
KE Ebrahim107
RC Milburn106
AL Watkins105
MAM Lewis **105
AE Cooper104
MJ Kane104
SFM Devine102
AJ Wilkins101
*Includes games played for the Pub Charities XI at national tournaments
**Played in seasons where the statistics (incl. games played) are incomplete


Last Updated: at the conclusion of the matches played in the 2018-19 Hallyburton Johnstone Shield competition on Saturday 8th December 2018.

Note: the 1981-82 Hallyburton Johnstone Shield and 1987-88 Hansells Trophy competitions also featured one day games which had not been collated. We’ve included these in our complete analysis.